A garden needs color.  One of the things I hate about moving into late fall is that everything is a shade of brown.  Don’t get me wrong – I like brown.  But I need a little red, yellow, pink, white, purple to make my heart sing!

Color choice in our garden is something that was negotiated long ago.  The boxes on the front deck must have deep red flowers with green vines as accents.  For many years, the flowers were cherry red New Guinea impatiens.  After one mid-summer demise of all 27 red plants in the 9 boxes, we switched to the heartier reger begonias.  They bloom and bloom and bloom, and do very well, even with some neglect.

It was a tough switch, even with all those dead impatiens.  My dear husband believes in tradition and history, and believes that it is necessary to always have the same plants and the same color red, no matter what.  But he’s a believer now – reger begonias it is.  But they must be that deep cherry red!  “It defines the house…the neighbors expect it.”  He’s right.  We get a lot of comments through the summer.  And, is evidenced by the photo, they look great when we fly the flag on July 4th.

I can pick whatever flowers and colors I want for the back window boxes (there are 6) and the many pots and baskets on the deck.  Plant and color choices are big decisions.  I try to be creative each year, but after getting burned by less than lovely, late season arrangements, I tend to go with the tried and true – various coleus, white petunias, pale green sweet potato vines, dusty miller.

I’m already making plans for next spring.  The front is decided – it’s Fred’s choice of red all the way.  That’s okay – I have enough to decide with the back yard.


3 responses to “Negotiation

  1. I do love the red! thanks for listening to me throughout the years. I think we make a pretty good TEAM!

  2. Dusty Miller would be a great name for a heroine in a novel. Mind if I borrow it? 😉

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