I’m in search of inspiration these days.  I have a lot going on, and most of it is pretty good.  But I wake every day, wishing for something to thrill me, energize me, give me a rush!  Lately, there haven’t been the regular doses of surprise and delight that I need in my life to keep me going.

The fading garden isn’t helping.  It’s hard to be inspired by the wonder of creation when everything is dying.  I take that back – I came across a new little dandelion yesterday, ready to explode with all of its yellowness.  Lovely.  If only the rest of the garden could be so resilient.

I shouldn’t be so hard on my beloved garden.  It can’t help it that it must follow the natural course and die.  But I blame it for not being the wondrous sanctuary that gives me a jolt of energy every day, and a place to just take in beauty.  Right now, it is pretty ugly, and I don’t like it.

I must admit, though, that when I intentionally look for it, even in all this death and decay, I do see beauty.  And some of my plants, like my new bright red bee balm, have managed to add a spark of excitement in an overall drab pallet.

One of my philosophies in life is that the key to happiness is low expectations.  I’ve been forgetting that these past few weeks.  I have to remind myself that excitement, surprise and delight need to be sought out sometimes.  It isn’t always there, ready to hit you in the face.

This weekend, I will probably clean out my boxes and baskets and pots, and will have my own version of a memorial service for all these beauties, now gone, who have made my summer absolutely delightful.  And I will probably find one or two blooms that, even at this late date, will be struggling to survive, eeking out their last few moments of glory.

And I will say, “This is so cool.”


One response to “Inspiration?

  1. Maybe just finding satisfaction in tucking the garden in for its winter sleep will be cool enough! Thanks, for taking care of us this season! Love you, Kristi

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