I need time in my garden!  Between the cold and the rain and our work, I’ve spent precious little time in my sanctuary.  And add to the mix an indoor project of stripping wallpaper in the front hall, and I’m just never out there anymore.  With September bringing back regimine, it gets harder and harder to just carve out the time to find some peace.

Summer has been blissful.  Freddy and I have started every day with our pot of coffee, spending one full hour taking in the beauty, talking and calming our minds before getting to work.  It was beautiful, it was romantic, it was spiritual, and I will miss it in the coming months.  Such a simple routine, and  yet, it was my favorite part of the day.

My mind becomes a little frantic sometimes when I think about the long months ahead, when my garden, and my soul, it seems, lay buried.  I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life.  You would think that, by now, I would be used to this pre-winter anxiety, but it appears that it is getting worse with age.

Beginning on Friday, we have a full week of sun and 70+ degrees.  I must eek out every bit of time I can in the garden, storing up the warmth and the beauty like our chipmunks are storing up their food for the winter.  I will need to reach into that store in the darkest and coldest months ahead.  I need to create an indoor sanctuary and train myself to believe it’s as good as the real outdoor deal, and convince Fred to join me there.

And I’ll need to plan a vacation in the Caribbean in February.

But most important, I need to make the time to take in the simple wonderfulness of nature, even when it is all white and frozen.  Perhaps if I remind myself that we need the cold and snow to appreciate the budding of spring in six months, it will be easier.


One response to “Time

  1. Yes, get out of town in February! But this week, stay here and enjoy the lovely redux of summer. Coffee in the garden every morning!

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