I love when something that was once dead comes back to life.  Love.  Faith. Inspiration.  Plants.

It’s been cold these past few nights.  I am fighting the urge to turn on the heat, but really.  September 16th?  Technically, summer doesn’t end for a few days yet.  I refuse to fire up that furnace!

But the garden is taking it in the chin with these close-to-freezing temps.  The sedum, the black eyed susans – they are thriving.  Of course they are!  They are late-summer and fall bloomers. But the boxes filled with choleus and the sweet potato vines are limp and disgusting.  I have half a mind to cut them all back this weekend and forget about them until next spring.

Or should I?

My Endless Summer hydrangea, once dead and bloomless, has come back to life.  It was gorgeous in May, and then, that heat wave in early June fried its leaves and blossoms and left me with nothin’.  Now, a big, beautiful blossom sits glorious among healthy leaves.  I was convinced it had run its cycle, but I was wrong.  Perhaps, with a little water and sun this weekend, my wimpy boxes can get a reprieve.  A little patience and love could bring them back for a while.

So let me repeat myself…I love when something once dead comes back to life.


2 responses to “Reprieve

  1. brilliant. i just revived ornamental peppers. Wish that the people we love could be brought back… Maybe they are in the plant. My aunt loved allysum. She passed in January – but there is allysum everywhere where it is not supposed to be. She is here.

  2. Isn’t it cool that gardens die and come back? That might almost be enough inspiration to get me through another Minnesota winter. Have you seen the woolly bears? They’re out, crawling around, forecasting cold and snow. I plan to ignore them–this week for sure!

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