I love Fall.  The changing temps, the crisp air, the open windows, the falling leaves.

I’ve learned to embrace the Fall garden.  The spots of bright color within a fading pallet.  It is beautiful, and it is sad, and it signals the beginning of a time when we brace ourselves for what is coming.

One of the reasons we like living in Minnesota is that there are four distinct seasons (not just one long cold one, contrary to popular belief).  Every year, creation does its thing, and we mark time in a mostly smooth and orderly way.  Of course, there are some years when  it snows in May or we have 55 degrees on January 13th.  But for the most part, nature doesn’t offer many surprises.  Just a predictable and delightful process.

Life these days isn’t like that.  Right now, there are too many surprises, too many things out of our control, too many things tugging at our consciousness, keeping us awake, making us worry.   For once, it isn’t about our work or money.  This time, it’s about things that really matter.

So I go to the garden to find some comfort, to relish its fading beauty and contemplate next moves that will never be taken. And I go there to pray.  Never for answers, but rather for peace, strength and wisdom.  Answers are not always at the ready. But peace, wisdom and strength will help us find them.



2 responses to “Falling

  1. Love you for your optimism rooted in experience.

  2. Your garden is a balm in good times and bad! Please don’t tell everyone that Minnesota has four beautiful seasons. Our reputation as only having two (winter and road construction) keeps out the wimps.

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